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Secure Optics has constructed home security camera packages that suit any budget and home. We use cameras developed by various manufacturers such as Uniview – Hikvision and Dahua, who are all world leaders in IP camera technology and all equipment meets Australian Standards. Our HD packages provide you with state of the art image quality that makes facial and number plate recognition achievable. If the HD packages are not what you are looking for, then a tailored solution can be made for you. We can also upgrade pre-existing systems and ensure your CCTV security cameras are giving you peace of mind.

Secure Optics provides a professional service which includes:

Free onsite quote

CCTV security installation that is tailored to suit your home and budget

✓ 24 months labor and parts warranty

Free demonstration on how to use your remote devices so you can watch your home from anywhere in the world

✓ Friendly staff that will provide the ‘over and beyond’ service that you are looking for

Specialising in CCTV for your home means that Secure Optics provides the best service to determine which system is right for you at the right price. You can leave your home protected and your family feeling safe. We recommend installing CCTV security cameras to your home as it adds an additional security layer to any home that an alarm system just cannot provide. It provides you with live video feed that can be shown to law enforcers and used as evidence against thieves.

Don’t get caught out wishing you had CCTV security cameras and the footage they provide after the event. Call today or click here for a free quote to make sure your home and family are protected.

CCTV Security Cameras

Specialising in home security Secure Optics is leading the way by installing Australian standard equipment of the highest quality that you will not be disappointed with. By installing CCTV security cameras at your home we want to make sure that you won’t be caught unprepared by thieves. With a guarantee of competitive pricing and no hidden costs or extras, installing a home security camera system by Secure Optics is the best option for you to make, to ensure your home and family are protected.