About Us

Secure Optics is locally owned and operated. We specialise in CCTV security camera installations and sales. We pride ourselves on offering the best home security camera systems tailored to your exact requirements and budget. Our installers are all police cleared and licensed. All of our installs are in compliance with Australian standards. 
(AS 4806.1-2006, AS 4806.2-2006, AS 4806.3-2006, AS 4806.4-2006, AS/NZS 2201.1:207, Security and Related Activities Control Regulations 1997 and Security and Related Activities Control Act 1996).

We’re aware of all those other installers out there who say they’ll do something and don’t deliver. They say they’ll come out at 11am for a quote and say they can’t make it in the last minute. They say they’ll do what they say in your quote, but don’t deliver the work on time. We also know there are security companies who don’t know the product they’re installing and push the product to you that makes the largest profit for them.

Secure Optics is different!

  • We aim to provide the best service possible.
  • We aim to provide the best solution to our customers.
  • No extra bells and whistles – just what you need.
  • We provide after installation support to make sure you know how to use the system you’ve installed.
  • We try to stay on the forefront of security – if there is a new product which we feel you will benefit from, we will recommend it to you.

Who We Serve