One of the first things to look at when setting up a business is a suitable security system. After all you do not want to leave your business vulnerable in anyway… rather you want it to be secure and protected at all times.

That is the reason at we have a variety of CCTV camera systems Perth solutions on offer whether for warehouses, shop fronts, offices or just about any business establishment.

In any case if you look at the trend today, CCTV systems have become immensely popular all across Australia. Whether it is homes or commercial establishments, there is an added element of security that comes one’s way merely by installation of these systems. Under such circumstances to have these security systems Perth in place certainly makes a very big difference.

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We have a variety of packages on offer for businesses on the lookout for security cameras installation. Feel free to review these packages and choose the one that most suits your requirement. Mind you, we can further tailor our offering based on your unique requirement so do not hesitate to discuss that with us!

Smartphone Apps for CCTV Security Systems Perth


Our security systems Perth come with smartphone apps both for iPhone and Android. So whichever platform you may be on, you can easily have DVR views away from the security system monitor or even while you are on the go.

Your business NEEDS a robust CCTV security system

Before concluding, it would only be apt that we look at the reasons for which your business needs a robust CCTV security system.

  • You can remotely monitor your business security, including when you are away or when the business is closed – when it would be vulnerable to external threats.
  • You have documented evidence against any kind of vandalism or pilferage, including on the part of your own staff or personnel…which proves very handy as evidence in court proceedings.
  • There is every chance of your insurance premium being discounted when you have a CCTV security system Perth in place.
  • There are businesses where human monitoring is simply not feasible or perhaps even possible – say a chemical plant. In such cases, security installations Perth prove to be the only way forward.
  • You can go ahead and integrate such a system with other existing systems in place such as a fire hazard system.
  • The mere presence of such systems invariably acts as deterrence against vandals or thieves.